The Webinar Sales Funnel : A 10 Step Guide

The Webinar Sales Funnel

Imagine. You spend countless hours planning the perfect Webinar. Crossing the T's and dotting the I's, practicing and practicing, until you think it is perfect.

When the time comes, you are nervous, but you deliver an amazing webinar. It could not have gone better.. except one thing... You are watching the analytics and have the viewers, but you don't make any sales!

So... What went wrong?

There are so many things to think about when you first start trying to use live video for your business... and it can be exhausting trying to keep tabs on everything. You might think that if people watch your video, they will definitely turn into customers... a mistake a lot of people make is that they forget about the sales process.

This post is for you if:

You have your webinar down, and practiced,
but you are still not making the sales you expect.

We will be showing you how to set up your Webinar Sales Funnel to convert more of your viewers into customers. So let's talk about the sales funnel...


What does the Webinar Sales Funnel look like?

A Sales funnel is the path your customers have to go down to reach the checkout page.

Now a simple sales funnel is Home Page -> Product Page -> Checkout Page.

A Better Sales Funnel would be: Home Page -> Product Page -> Up-Sell Page -> Checkout Page.

Now, you could lead your customer all over the place before reaching the checkout page... But what we have here is a definitive 10 Step Sales Funnel. Guaranteed to maximize your potential sales.


You can download the following guide, for free, as a PDF from here.

1) Registration Page

9This page has only one function. To get people excited about what you have to say and teach, and to collect their contact details.

Normally this is just the email address, but we recommend also asking for their first name, so you can personalize any emails you may wish to send out. (Personalized emails have a higher open rate, and a higher click through rate)


You only need to focus on 3 things for the Webinar Registration Page..


It is best if you make this really specific - but it obviously depends on what you are talking about!

You need to really sell the problem, really make the viewers feel the problem, make an emotional attachment to the problem.


Break your offering down into 3 or so really simple bullet points - what can they expect to take home with them?

What would you want to know?

You could make a short introduction Video explaining the problems at hand, explain what the viewer will learn in the webinar, and then physical point to the sign up box and tell them to sign up!


You can ask for just their email address, but we recommend also asking for their First Name too - because then you can personalize the emails you send to them.

Use the word "Get" or "Reserve" for example, "Get the Info", "Reserve your Seat", "Get Access Now"

Make the sign up box BIG and BOLD so you cannot miss it.

2) Confirm Email Address Page

confirmYou may have an email list with a double opt in process. If you only have Single Opt email list in then you can skip this page!
This page urges the registrants to open up their email program, open the email you just sent them and confirm their email address right away.

On this page, you could say that their seat is only reserved for the next 5 minutes until they confirm their email address. (This works well in combination with a countdown timer)

A screen shot of your confirmation email, and a big red arrow pointing to where they need to click is also great at minimizing the perceived effort!

You may also want to have a couple of short customer reviews - just to reinforce that, yes, they really do want to watch your webinar.

3) Thanks for Registering Page

thankyou1When someone confirms their email address, they are sent to this page, which basically says thank you for registering for the webinar.
It is also a great place to offer your viewers a little something as a thank you. (This is great for building up your relationship)

For example, provide a link to a free eBook. or a free checklist of things to organize before they watch your webinar. (You should also think about adding in "Locked Content" that your viewers can access with a Facebook like or share - this is a wonderfully simple technique for maximizing your social presence)

Another thing to add on this page is an "Add to Calendar" button - which will automatically add your event details into their calendars. Webinarize makes this super simple to do with our Calendar Module.

Finally, you can add in a bit about the product you will eventually be trying to sell. Don't have a big sales pitch on this page, otherwise you will scare away your viewers - and they will not want to watch the webinar. Instead, act like its secret "early access" or something similar. (It is always best to make your customers follow the sale, instead of you chasing them)

4) Live Webinar Page

video2This is the main page in your Webinar Sales Funnel.

This page hosts your webinar.

The main sales tactic here is you, and your video.

A problem a lot of people have is that their live pages look too sales-y, which is an instant turn off for potential customers. Remember, they are watching you to learn something or become inspired. They probably have an Ad-Blocker installed, and they do not want to be distracted by flashing buttons and popups. Focus on the Video.

Let your audience relax, let them open up to what you have to say.

On the live page, you need to Tempt the viewer into becoming a customer:

T) Title: A nice Title which keeps your viewers interested (A question is always good to keep them on tender hooks so they watch till the end!)
E) Embed: Your Video Embed (YouTube Live for example)
M) Message: A way for your viewers to send you Messages, or ask you questions. (Facebook Comments, Email Contact Form, Live Chat - we recommend as its free and fab!)
P) Product: A link to your Product sales page. (You can be sneaky and use Magic Content to display your Call to Action at the right time)
T) Training: Extra Content / Training : free downloads, like PDF worksheets, audio files,. (Again, it is best practice to get your viewers to "Pay with a Like" for the "Locked Content")

Get this guide as a PDF

The great thing about a webinar sales funnel, is that your viewers wont be surprised when they see a video. Auto-playing videos are normally a big no-no. However, as someone has just watched your webinar, and they know your face, you can be fairly confident that they wont be put off by your other videos.

Don't be scared of using short video clips on each of the following pages to get your message across.

5) Product Sales Page

product2This page is the sales page for your product or service. You should only write about the normal product on this page, and not the upsell product.

When you click on the Buy Now button, you redirect to the up-sell page.

We love using scarcity techniques on product pages to help convert viewers... Here are a couple of suggestions of what you should use:

A) Number counters (Limited Stock, only X still available to purchase)

B) Countdown timers (Offer only valid for the next X days)

C) Toasters to display social proof ("Someone just bought this product 30 seconds ago!" or "Watch out! This product is selling out - FAST!")

D) Customer reviews / comments from influencers / Logos of companies that use your Service. If you accept Visa, PayPal or Stripe, add their logos to your page for more trust.

6) Up-Sell Page

upsell3There are a couple of ways to do great Up-Sell pages, the easiest one is a simple page with two options.

"To support you even more on your way to becoming XYZ, I have two options for you..."

So the first option, is the normal price product or service.

The second option is the Up-sell. The principle being that if the viewer spends a little bit more money, they get much more in return. It's the classic "Do you want to Super Size your meal, for only $3?"

Give your offerings different names, e.g. Silver Package and Gold Package. Small Package, and Maxi Package.

Really think about making it worth the money for your customers. and really S-P-E-L-L out the savings for them, e.g. Minus 30%!

Don't forget to give a deadline to your sale, for example: "The price is doubling in 24 hours!" (- again, countdown timers are great for this)

7) Down-Sell Page.

upsell2This page is designed to bump up the Average Order Value (AOV) for you to get a little bit of extra income.

A good rule to follow is to offer a product which costs about 25% of what they have already got in their shopping cart. For example:

A) If you have just sold a T-shirt for $30, then maybe you could sell a mug for $7.50.

B) If you have just sold an online course for $297, you could offer a mastermind Skype session for $97.

Remember, you don't want to make your potential customer think too much about this, it should be an impulse buy. Make it related to the initial purchase, and make it a no-brainer! Its the classic, "Do you want fries with that, for only $1?"

8) The Checkout page

oto-cartOn the checkout page you could display a small One Time Offer - "Add this to your cart to get for free shipping, or for a 10% discount voucher."

You can set up Smart Offers to show OTO's (One Time Offers) at the right time, depending on what is in the shopping cart.

For example, if the viewer has the Silver Package in their shopping cart - you could offer them the Gold Package for an extra 10% off!

You could also offer "Add this to your cart to get free shipping" (This works well for products that are worth about twice as much as the normal shipping rate)

9) The Backend

oto-accountOnce your customer has gone through the sales process, and they have checked out, they will be shown their order confirmation or account page.

From this "backend" page, (which is only visible to logged in customers) you can offer special discounts or special products - just for customers.

These offers should say they are exclusive for customers.

They should also be tailored to what the customer has already purchased. There's no point offering something completely irrelevant!

As you know the customer has purchased from you, you don't need to be shy about your offers. You can show them your high value products, or members only services.

10) Follow Up Emails

emailAfter your Webinar, you should email out the people who registered to your webinar and ask them something similar to:

A) How it was - (technically, sound & video alright?)

B) If you answered all of their questions regarding the topic.

C) If they have any other problems which you could talk about.

D) If they want a free Skype call to talk about anything

You should also link them to the replay page (to get them to see the product page again) and also mention the offer deadline again - we recommend using an ambedded countdown timer image - for example, by MotionMail

And then do it all again with your Replay Pages

9Once you have done your Live Webinar, you can start to think about setting up the Replay pages - for anyone who missed it the first time around, or anyone who wants to watch it again.

You can either start the funnel at the top (by setting up a replay registration page) or in the middle of the funnel (don't require registration, and just dive straight in and show them the Replay page) After that, the pages in the funnel stay the same. They view your Replay page, and move through to your Product page, and so on.

We recommend always setting up a registration page for your replays. This way, you can tag, categorize & email your viewers afterwards!

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